Deputy Interviews - The Death Set

The Death Set are four boys Australian than recently moved to Baltimore, where play punk rock in small sheds neglected, while all dance in hoop and themselves sweat on. To think us well, their concerts likely stink of armpit, I vomit, piscio and scuregge. We hope that they are provided of cars of the flavoring smoke to the strawberry. However, since I am enough stove to write stupid interviews, thought to give a turn to my life and ask to these two sweat Australians some sentimental advice. In the case you wait for yourselves some nice replies and emo, sarete pleasantly surprised. To part the fact that when I called were them sleepless from days and swollen of vodka, them their answered are disgusting. Yourselves it it.

Deputy: There it the girl have it?
Johnny Serum: Jahphet, Joey and I are totally favorable to the promiscuity, always and wherever, above all and afterlife of everything.
Peter OR connell: Yes, I have the girl. Also she is often in tour, therefore to times it is hard. Our solution is to draw the one the face of the other one and then to attach it with the scotch to a stake of an underground parking garage, to masturbate us.
And like yourselves piacciono the girls?
JS: Of habit me piacciono the girls that put on only an old shirt of my father.
I bewilder. I pluck or not hair?
JS: I pluck. Always. Wherever.
LITTLE: I find that this is a problem surpassed. Lately I chose for an elaborate solution: I sculpt myself some lightning bolts of hair that aim towards the head of cobra that I have tattooed near the hole of the bottom.
Sow shit. Change argument, thing thought of it some friendship between man and woman?
JS: For how much it pertains me, I am able to be friend of an alone girl if and when puts on a custom from young animal.
And I that I thought that a custom from young animal was considered attractive. In Italian we have this expression, to warm up the soup, that is about to return together to an old flame. It believe us or no?
JS: I do not see us nothing of badly, for how much pertains I warm up me the soup more and more times. At least until that it is not left to cool it too to long, and it is formed that film of fat on the edges.
LITTLE: Always I had a passion for the soup. I remember myself that from child I ate of it much. But thinking us well, perhaps I remember me still better when I have working to the control against-rust for the Campbell. Days and last days to the sun to monitor the cans a for a.
Vabbeh, preferred the blonds or the brunettes? Shy or impudent? It does sought in a girl?
JS: That you breathe.
LITTLE: That not breaths.
Tender. It believe in the love that it endure all a life?
JS: Yes, if I succeed to come.
LITTLE: If someone of you experiences to touch Jana Hunter I make squirt him the mess outside from the brain. And after avervi make squirt the mess from the brain, I will trample yourselves until that you will not stay other that flesh of brain and bones grated… Yes, I believe in the true love, and in the sbobba, and in the to look at pornographic online. A bag. A bag of pornographic online.
Tendril. The better manner to surpass a disruption?
JS: To pinch with the yours better friend and pentirtene for the eternity.
LITTLE: To drink for seventeen years. Ah, and to cry on the human heap of shit that you are become.